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we are...Biology @ WFUcommitted to...The Teacher/Scholar Modelarea of focus...Ecology and Evolutionarea of focus...Cell and Moleculararea of focus...Integrative Plant Biologyarea of focus...Neurobiology and Behavior

we are...

Biology @ WFU

The Department of Biology at Wake Forest University is a diverse team of scientists, teachers, graduate students and undergraduates who investigate the processes of life at all levels, from the biosphere to the molecule.

committed to...

The Teacher/Scholar Model

We pursue excellence in teaching, deep student engagement, mentorship, and advancing the frontiers of knowledge through nationally/internationally recognized research, scholarship, interdisciplinary activities and creative work.

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area of focus...

Ecology and Evolution

Special strengths include biogeography, life history evolution, phylogenetic systematics, conservation, evolutionary genetics, and Neotropical ecology

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area of focus...

Cell and Molecular

Instruction and Research focusing on understanding biological systems at the macromolecular and cellular levels.

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area of focus...

Integrative Plant Biology

Research interests include the molecular biology of development, the biochemistry and physiology of growth, physiological ecology, molecular systematics, and population, community, and landscape ecology.

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area of focus...

Neurobiology and Behavior

Specialization in the chemoreception, acoustic and chemical communication, locomotion, social insects, and biological clocks.

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Who We Are

The Teacher-Scholar Model

We have over 20 graduate faculty members that represent the breadth of the biological sciences.


Our faculty and our graduate curriculum is organized loosely into four research focal groups: Cell and Molecular Biology; Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics; Neuroscience and Behavior and Integrative Plant Biology. These focal groups provide graduate courses within each area. We encourage you to contact individual faculty with whom you share interests.  Additionally, some biology faculty members participate in the interdepartmental Structural and Computational Biophysics Certificate Program and play prominent roles in the Center for Molecular Communication and Signaling, the Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability, and the Center for Bioethics, Health, and Society.

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Ranked #5 Nationwide for Biology Major by College Factual.
(reference: The Best Colleges for General Biology 2020)


Ranked #1 in North Carolina for Best General Biology School by College Factual.
(reference: The Best Schools for General Biology in North Carolina 2020)


Ranked #4 Highest Paid General Biology Graduates by College Factual.
(reference: The Highest Paid Graduates for General Biology in 2020)


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