Update: Grimberg 2012 TEDx Lecture

From TED “Ideas Worth Spreading – riveting talks by remarkable people” [link]

Our own PhD. Biology graduate Brian Grimberg, now Assistant Professor of International Health at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, gave one of the 2012 TEDxCLE talks entitled “Buzzkill: How Malaria Has, and Is, Changing The World We Live In”.  Dr. Grimberg’s work is focused on the cell biology of malarial parasites.  Brian’s lab focuses on screening traditionally used native treatments to develop new drugs, and to develop new antimalarial vaccines and rapid diagnostics.

Click here to see his video: http://www.tedxcle.com/dr-brian-grimberg/

Dr. Grimberg did his graduate studies in Biology with Professor Clifford Zeyl. Brian received his doctoral degree in 2004.

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Dr. Grimberg WFU 2004, photo credit TEDxCLE