Mutant Green Tomatoes


TECHJOURNAL.ORG recently published and article entitled “Mutant green tomatoes show research is key to tougher crops” which focuses on the work of Biology professor Gloria Muday’s laboratory.


As fat summer tomatoes dangle in profusion from vines in gardens and farms across the country, researchers at Wake Forest University are looking for a way to make future harvests hold up better against drought or lack of nutrients.

But the tomatoes these researchers study, with names like Never Ripe and Green Ripe, are mutants that will never achieve that wonderful red that makes a perfect summer meal for many foodies.

That’s because Gloria K. Muday, Ph.D., a biology professor at Wake Forest, isn’t after a better fruit, at least not yet. She’s after a better root system.”If we can encourage tomato plants to form deeper root systems, those plants will be able to take in more water and pick up food more effectively,” Muday said.

And that could mean a more reliable harvest for farmers and backyard gardeners alike.

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