Dining Dilemmas


Dining Dilemmas is the name Professors Pat Lord (Biology) and Ana Iltis (Philosophy) give to a collaboration between Pre-Health Advising and the WFU Center for Bioethics, Health, and Society. Once a semester, undergraduates join with other students and faculty to discuss thorny issues related to medical ethics over dinner. The welcoming environment created by Professors Lord and Iltis creates a space in which future health care providers can refine their thinking on practical ethical issues they are likely to confront in the course of their careers, To date over 275 Wake Forest undergraduates have participated in at least one session. Students who attend four or more events are awarded a certificate. Read more about this exciting collaboration in an article posted at the Wake Forest News Center. The goal is to encourage students to appreciate the need to adopt a proactive, rigorous, and compassionate approach to issues related to ethics that arise in medical practice. The most recent gathering dealt with the topic of patients’ rights and informed consent.