Job Searches 2022: Neuroethologist, Cell/Molecular Biologist, Quantitative Ecologist

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The Department of Biology at Wake Forest University invites applications for three full-time, tenure-track faculty positions, with a start date of July 1, 2022. We are seeking candidates in the disciplines of neuroethology, quantitative ecology, and molecular cell biology.

  • Candidates for the neuroethologist position will study natural behavior in animals using any combination of networking, neural, molecular, and genomic techniques. Preference will be given to candidates taking comparative and/or evolutionary approaches.
  • Candidates for the quantitative ecologist position will study natural populations, communities, or ecosystems to answer fundamental questions about organisms in natural environments using expertise in statistical inference, quantitative methods, and/or mathematical modeling.
  • Candidates for the molecular cell biologist position will address basic science questions about eukaryotic cells, in areas including, but not limited to, the mechanisms that drive intracellular trafficking, cellular signaling, cell-cell interactions, organelle biology, and gene expression.

While preference is given to hiring at the Assistant Professor level, highly qualified individuals may be considered at the rank of Associate Professor.

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In related news, the Chemistry Department also is searching for two positions.  One is a tenure track search, very broadly defined, and a teaching assistant teaching professor.  Please visit this link to learn more about the positions in Chemistry.