Anderson quoted by NY Times

Reference: On Galápagos, Revealing the Blue-Footed Booby’s True Colors – By NATALIE ANGIER MARCH 6, 2017, NY Times Science Correspondent

WFU Biology Professor and Researcher David J. Anderson was quoted in the New York Times Science edition on his work with the Blue-Footed Booby (albatross).  Dr. Anderson and his undergraduate and graduate lab members have been involved with field research in the Galapagos for more than twenty years studying the environment and ecology of these charismatic birds.

“They’re superfascinating animals and such a good research model,” said David J. Anderson of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., who studies both the blue-footed booby and the related Nazca booby. “They let you move among them without minding too much. You try to do that with a continental bird or mammal — forget about it. But with these guys you see it all.”

With no real predators, the birds live proud, public lives. That
accessibility has proved a bonanza for scientists, casting light on
their mating habits and even why the shade of their feet matters.

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