Undergraduate Research Day Highlights WFU Biology Students and Their Mentors

Dominique Tucker, WFU Biology major

Dominique Tucker, WFU Biology major

The 10th Annual Undergraduate Research Day held at Wake Forest on Friday, October 7, 2016, featured so many presentations by Biology majors and other students working on projects in Biology labs that it is hard to be certain that the list is complete! Congratulations to all students who participated in this celebratory event, which provided a wonderful kick-off to Family Weekend. Most students elected to present posters, but Tatianaide Medina Nieto, mentored by Professor Fahrbach, opted to give a talk titled The effect of queen pheromone exposure on the growth of the worker honey bee brainThe poster presenters were:

Sara Borchers (mentored by E. Johnson, Biology): Dietary induced changes in liver and spleen tissue

Boning Chen (mentored by J. Curran, Biology): Foam in waste water treatment plant (WWTP)

Michael Cydylo (mentored by K. Kavanagh, WFUSM): Hepatic fibrosis accompanies steatosis in monkeys consuming high fructose

Brett DerGarabedian (mentored by G. Muday, Biology): Using fluorescent dyes to measure reactive oxygen species to test the hypothesis that flavonols act as antioxidants

Ashley Edwards (mentored by P. Dos Santos & K. Black, Chemistry): Mutational studies on Bacillus subtilis cysteine desulfurase YrvO and subsequent interactions with known sulfur acceptor proteins

Manuel Gomez (mentored by G. Holzwarth & J. Macosko, Physics): Migration patterns of breast cancer cells in 2D and 3D collagen cultures

Christopher Hackett (mentored by R. Singh, WFUSM): Liposomal delivery of highly cytotoxic platinum (benz)acridine agents

The scene in the ZSR Library atrium on Friday, October 7, 2016

The scene in the ZSR Library atrium on Friday, October 7, 2016


Matt Jamison (mentored by M. Ashley-Ross, Biology): Big fins make for bad jumps in male Betta splendens

Emily McMullen (mentored by A. Henderson, The School for Field Studies): Effects of temperature and salinity on distribution of juvenile lemon sharks, Negaprion breviostris, within the Bell Sound nature Reserve, South Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands

Ethan Perellis (mentored by B. Tague, Biology): Endophytes of Magnolia grandiflora leaves around the Wake Forest campus

Elizabeth Sarkel, Biology major

Elizabeth Sarkel, WFU Biology major

John Petersen (mentored by M. Fuxjager & E. Schuppe, Biology): Evidence for specialized calcium trafficking in a muscle that controls rapid woodpecker displays

Eileen Reed (mentored by W. Silver, Biology): Appetitive behavior in the European nightcrawler (Eisenia hortensis): Are earthworms attracted to soil fungi?

Elizabeth Sarkel (mentored by G. Muday, Biology & C. Wolverton, Ohio Wesleyan): Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and flavonols modulate the root gravitropic response

Dominique Tucker (mentored by M. Silman, Biology): Chrono-sequencing nutrient rehabilitation in Peruvian Amazon post abandonment of gold mined sites

Lauren Voltz (mentored by G. Muday, Biology & A. Mora, University of Pittsburgh): IPF and age impact mitochondrial homeostasis: ATF3 regulates PINK1 transcription in Type II lung epithelial cells

Bailey Warren (mentored by M. Ashley-Ross, Biology): A study of the biomechanics of the Kryptolebias marmoratus on terrain

Matthew Yeager, WFU Biology major

Matthew Yeager, WFU Biology major

Matthew Yeager (mentored by R. Chen, WFUSM): Effect of drugs of abuse on membrane cholesterol

Brianne Morrow (mentored by S. Fahrbach & J. Privitt, Biology) submitted an abstract but was unable to present because she is studying abroad this semester! Her title was Impact of pesticide exposure on the synaptic organization of the honey bee, Apis mellifera