Senior Profile – Abigail Vogeley

photo abigail vogeley

A very impressive profile appeared OG&B recently on Abigail Vogeley.  Vogeley, a Biology major who hails from California, is deeply passionate about her studies.  She conducts research in the Geriatrics unit of the WFU School of medicine under the guidance of Hugenschmidt. She is also extremely active with Alpha Phi Omega (the co-ed service society).  Her Biology mentor, Dr. Susan Fahrbach says that Abigail is the prime example of how a passion for research, the love of dance, and service can come together in a big “choose your own adventure” way.

Vogeley will be on a two-year research fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health.  We’re excited to follow Abigail’s journey!

She reached out to a professor conducting research in the Geriatrics unit at the Wake Forest School of Medicine: Dr. Hugenschmidt. There, Vogeley worked with older people afflicted by Alzheimer’s and dementia. The research she participated in explored how dance classes could improve the balance and coordination — and even prompt neurological changes — within the brains of the older participants.

Read Abigail Vogeley’s story, written by Will Zimmerman of OG&B.