Student Honors & Announcements 2023

WFU Biology Announcements


Foster Pierce won the Elton C. Cocke Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student.

Natalie Ellis won the Walter S. Flory Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Biology.

Trey Ursillo won the Carolina Biological Supply Company Award for Undergraduate Research.

Trey received Honors in Biology working in the lab of Professor David Anderson. The title of his honors thesis is “Colony attendance and confidence of paternity of colonial seabirds in the absence of mate guarding.” Dr. Anderson shared that ‘Trey is the most capable research undergraduate that I have worked with’.” – Dr. Erik Johnson, Chair of Biology

Dr. Heather Colvin Binns (’23) received the Elton C. Cocke Award for Outstanding Biology Graduate Student.

Madeleine Ward (’23) received the Elton C. Cocke Award for Outstanding Biology Graduate Student.

Christina Keathley Harvey received the Outstanding Biology Graduate Teaching Award.

Cameron Sherlock received the Outstanding Contribution By A First-Year Student Award.



Una Wilson won the Pulitzer Center Fellowship to be Wake Forest’s 2023 Reporting Fellow.



Andrew Calfa
Mentor: Miles Silman
Project: Physical and Biotic Differences Across the Rainforest-Deforestation Interface at Mining Sites in the Peruvian Amazon

Dani Degaray
Mentor: Ana-Maria González Wahl
Project: Analysis of Education on Eating Disorders and Social Factors Affecting Image Distortion in South Korean University Students

Richter Scholarship Program awards are the largest single awards on campus for the purpose of independent study. Students are encouraged to pursue enriching, broadening projects that have the promise of being life-changing. To enrich the independent study experience, each student is required to have a faculty mentor for his or her project.



Grace Anderson
Mentor: Allyn Howlett
Project: Detection of Cannabinoid Receptor Interacting Protein 1a (CRIP1a) in Neuroblastoma Cells

Samantha Crossman
Mentor: Gloria Muday
Project: Testing the Role of Zinc Finger Protein Transcription Factors in an Auxin Regulated Root Development Network

Jessilyn (Jieyu) Gao
Mentor: Ke Zhang Reid
Project: Investigate a Point Mutation of Lysine Specific Demethylase 2 in Heterochromatin Maintenance in Fission Yeast

Jingying Huang
Mentor: T. Michael Anderson
Project: The Effect of Fire on the Germination of Seed and the Growth of Seedlings for Several Acacia Tree Species

Josh Marett
Mentor: E. Alfonso Romero-Sandoval & Miriam das Dores Mendes Fonseca
Project: Role of Immune Cells in Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Hope Nitsche
Mentor: Erik Johnson & Michael Rizzo
Project: Investigation of the Role of the Cellular Energy Sensor AMPK in Drosophila NPF Neurons

Eric Wang
Mentor: Gloria Muday
Project: The Impact of Acute Whole Organism Heat Stress on Tomato Pollen Fitness In Vivo

Wake Forest Research Fellowships (WFRF) are designed to provide students with the opportunity to participate in intensive scholarship under the mentorship of a Wake Forest University faculty member across the summer months. The Wake Forest Research Fellowship will support projects mentored or co-mentored by Reynolda College faculty.


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