Faculty Honors & Announcements 2023

WFU Biology Announcements


The following faculty members are retiring in the 2022-2023 Academic Year. Thank you for your incredible dedication and commitment over the years!

Dr. Wayne L. Silver
Dr. Wayne Silver



Dr. Regina Joice Cordy was awarded the Award for Excellence in Research at WFU.

The Award for Excellence in Research recognizes a faculty member in the College in the early part of his or her career. The award was established in 1971 and renamed in 1986 in recognition of the generosity of the late Wilbur Doyle who endowed the prize to honor his philosophy professor, A.C. Reid. The award is funded by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.



Dr. James B. Pease was awarded the Robert and Debra Lee Faculty Fellowship effective July 1, 2023.
Dr. James Pease



Listed below are the names of faculty and staff who directly supported this year’s candidates through their work as part of review and selection committees for various awards.

STEM Scholarships Selection Committee
Dr. James B. Pease
Dr. James Pease

Dr. Z. Carter Berry
Dr. Z. Carter Berry

UK Awards Committee
Dr. Gloria K. Muday
Photo Gloria Muday

Over the past year, 27 faculty, staff, and alumni members were involved in formally supporting 80+ applications by students who pursued nationally and internationally competitive scholarship awards. Thanks to the help of these review panel and selection committee members, more than 20 students were chosen as recipients for these awards, while almost 20 more were named finalists.

Ours is an uncommonly engaged and encouraging campus for undergraduate scholars, and this group empowers our students in a number of ways: spreading the word about various awards; answering questions and having conversations with interested students; reviewing, evaluating, and providing feedback on student applications; interviewing potential candidates; and preparing endorsement letters for those competitions that require nomination. For those who make it to the finalist stage, faculty and staff also conduct mock interview panels so students can practice their skills and shake out any jitters.


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