Muday featured by Food and Environment Reporting Network

phot muday lab 2021

The work of Professor of Biology, Dr. Gloria Muday, and her team consisting of WFU undergraduates, graduates, and postdocs is featured in an article by the Food and Environment Reporting Network.  The article focuses on how climate change, in particular higher temperatures, is threatening the world’s food supply and how research taking place is making steps toward addressing this.  Keeping pollen active and healthy is the key.

At stake is much of our diet. Every seed, grain, and fruit that we eat is a direct product of pollination, explains biochemist Gloria Muday of North Carolina’s Wake Forest University. “The critical parameter is the maximum temperature during reproduction,” she says.

In the article, farmers speak about challenges they face, and scientists at Wake Forest, Iowa State, Michigan State, and other universities are studying trends and basic science to address growing plants in the face of global change.

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